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Chairman Message

We help create a cleaner world with the most advanced laundry& dry clean technology.   
In 1986, CSM made the first fully sealed dry cleaning machine in China with what at that time, the most advanced technology from Germany. By the 1990s, our dry cleaning machine brand Multimatic had already become a market share leader both in China and the US. For the past 30-odd years, CSM has carried on that proud tradition and continues to lead the industry by bringing in the best textile care solutions from around the world to serve the Chinese laundry & dry clean market.  
Our partnership with MILNOR, US’s No.1 laundry equipment manufacturer was started in 2004; and in 2012, our relationship made a great leap forward when MILNOR became CSM’s shareholder and global strategic partner. In 2013, CSM made further strides in that strategy by partnering with CHICAGO and SANKOSHA and got closer to our goal of becoming the most innovative and comprehensive textile care solution provider that serves the fast and dynamic Chinese market.    
Accumulated over the years, CSM’s reputation in the premium Chinese laundry market is already established. This achievement is firmly rooted in our belief-to bring the world’s best textile care solutions into China, incorporate better local service and support to give our customers cleaner, more reliable, more considerate and greener solutions. At the same time, together with our strategic partners, we are devoted to manufacture quality machines and services for customers all over the world.  
As a member of the AVIC International group, we share the motto “Beyond commerce for a new world”. We would apply this philosophy to the laundry and dry clean industry by partnering with only the world’s most innovative equipment manufacturers and provide professional and environmentally-friendly solutions to create a cleaner world.    

Mr. Wang Baoying  

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