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Milnor MWT Series Washer--Extractors

Equipment introduction

The Milnor MWT Series Washer -Extractor is the world’s top manufacturer of large-scale industrial laundry machinery and is manufactured according to very strict standards. It is a reliable heavy-duty commercial laundry equipment.
With its high efficiency, convenience, economy and versatility, the Meiluo brand automatic washing machine is favored by customers, bringing you lower operating costs and higher profit return.


Quickly wash large quantities of clothing
With its fast cycle, the Tripleloader can handle up to three times as much clothing as a top-loading washing machine. The drum capacity is larger than other washing machines of the same class, and can wash a large number of household clothes and heavy materials, such as curtains, blankets, sheets, cloth, sleeping bags, thick velvet carpet and so on.

Excellent washing effect
The positive and negative rotation cleaning function does not wrap the clothes. Repeated up and down washing function, so that Merlot washing quality has won an excellent reputation among commercial laundry owners.

Extra large simplified door for loading clothes faster
The large-diameter simplified door makes it easy to load?or?unload clothes.

Water saving
Water saving means environmental protection and cost savings. The standard washing procedure of the Metro uses two rinses to make each pound of water use less than 1.5 gallons in a standard washing procedure.

Inverter drive motor
Through the setting of the frequency converter, the various speeds required in the washing process can be directly provided, no complicated shifting system is required, and the vibration of the high-speed dehydration can be minimized by the setting of the frequency converter.

Certified single motor inverter
It can drive cleaning speed (forward and reverse), load distribution speed (to minimize vibration during high-speed dehydration), and finally dewatering.

Anti-soap overflow design
The back is equipped with an overflow pipe to prevent the soap from overflowing to the ground, keeping the floor dry and avoiding the danger of floor overflow.

Gravity valve drainage is unimpeded
No troublesome pumps are used, and simple gravity valve drainage is used to deliver rapid and unobstructed emissions.

Parameter table

*Capacity depends on density and soil content of goods


***With standard accessories

Specifications and appearance subject to change without notice

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