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As a senior industry leader, CSM always puts the needs of customers first. We have a superb technical and technical talent team and a sound after-sales service system to provide quick and efficient after-sales service for different problems in the laundry room around the world.
After the sale, the team carefully repairs and maintains the equipment, so that the equipment operation interruption is minimized, and the customers can use the peace of mind.


Our services covers full range of maintenance, including regular maintenance, emergency repair, equipment adjust and on-site personnel training. We offer self-made equipment service and outsourced brand equipment services, including but not Limited to MILNOR washers, tunnels and dryers, Chicago flatworks, Multimatic dry cleaning machines, Sankosha pressing equipment, AJAX pressing machines and Secomatic ancillary equipment.

We have a strong service net throughout the country and in the Asia Pacific region. At present, our engineers (regional after-sales engineers) are based in Beijing, Wuhan, Shanghai and Shenzhen in Mainland China. Four centers to radiate after-sales service in neighboring provinces and cities.
The global service net escorts our equipment in the world.
Parts supply

We have sufficient spare parts both for self-made and outsourced equipment. All information is standardized into our ERP system. Thus, we can promptly respond to customer needs.

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